HI. How does ordering work?
There are two places to order in the restaurant.
Order drinks at our bar, and order food at our kitchen window. You must pay for your food at the time of ordering and you will receive a number on a small stand, to display for our staff. Food will arrive as it’s ready, as we believe that all food is best consumed hot and fresh.

May we bring our own wine?
Yes, with a $15 per bottle corkage fee. 

Do you take reservations?
For large parties, yes. If you are bringing 8 or more adults to eat we will happily accommodate a reservation.
We ask that you arrive promptly, with your party complete, due to our limited hours and seating. Kindly note that bar tabs left open will be closed with a 20% gratuity.

If you don't take reservations how do we get in on a busy night?
We have three large "community" tables, 25 outdoor picnic tables and a selection of smaller tables. If there is spare room at any of the large tables please ask to join. Chances are you will make some friends and speed up your chance to get a seat!
We are a community restaurant and encourage our patrons to get to know each other whenever possible. All are welcome. 

Is your restaurant family friendly?
For sure. We currently serve food Wednesday-Sunday evenings. Bringing a child into a restaurant that has a bar is a-ok in NY State.
Our garden is open year round, and is a great place to play.

Do you have live music?
We do! Please join our mailing list for announcements. 

Is there a Taxi Service nearby?
We are very fortunate to be served by the Taxi Man. We will ALWAYS OFFER A TAXI to be safe rather than sorry.  If you are planning a night out with us that includes a ride home, it is always smart to call ahead and reserve a ride.  Taxi Man 845-789-1242

We would like to have a birthday party at The Lantern, can we bring our own cake or dessert?
Absolutely, we are happy to refrigerate anything for you ahead of time.

Who owns The Lantern?
Dick Berry and Tony Zunino are the owners of The Lantern. They purchased it from Art and Kathy in 2010.

Look out for General Manager Minh Le building a campfire, Erika DaSilva stocking wine, and their daughter Bibi getting into trouble. Please say hello to these newbies and share your favorite spots in the area.

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