The Lantern

Wood-Fired Pizza!!!

PLEASE NOTE OUR REVISED HOURS THIS WEEK! We are catering the Wassaic Project Art & Music Festival, AUGUST 1-3!

Thursday, July 31: 
The bar will be open. 
The kitchen will be closed.  

Friday, Aug. 1 & Saturday, Aug. 2:
**Food available at Maxon Mills—wood-fired pizza, sandwiches, salad.

Bar open until 3am.

Sunday, Aug. 3: 
The bar/kitchen will be closed all day.

Have the Lantern come to your home or office to cater an event!

Our base structure for pricing is $1,000 minimum for 40 people.
Above 40 people is $25 a person. 

This includes ongoing pizza production for minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 3 hours, guaranteeing production of two pizzas per person. 


Pizzas are produced in an ongoing method of alternating between four choices:

-Margarita + Spicy Soppresatta + Honey
-Margarita + Mushroom + Sausage + Onion
-White Pie + Kale + Lemon Oil + Romano. 

Pizzas average 10"-12” and provide four slices each. An average adult will consume one pizza. 


We are happy to customize pizzas onsite but attempt to avoid an ordering system opting for a buffet style presentation as it increases the speed that everyone can get pizza. 

Please note that every pizza is handmade onsite and the oven can only cook 2-3 pizzas at a time. (pizzas cook in 60 seconds.) What this means is that our pizza is ideal for mixers and casual parties. It is not ideal for a dinner that requires that everyone be served simultaneously. 

Please contact Jeff for more pricing and menu options!

Jeff Barnett-Winsby